Hi there. We're the Emerald's creative agency. We're a group of thinkers and makers who want to make Eugene a better place to call home by creating fun, engaging content that taps into exactly what it means to be a student on our beautiful campus.

Since we're made up of students, The Venture Dept. inherently knows how to talk to millennials. We can get your message in the hands of your target market in a way that speaks to them originally and honestly.

What we do.

Multimedia Production

With years of professional experience, our photo and video team is one of the most creative and efficient in Eugene. By shooting scripted narratives, event coverage, and headshots, the Venture Dept. has built up an unmatched tradition of visual storytelling.


By adapting to match each client's specific need, our design team flexibly creates content for any medium, including print, web, and installations. We are fiercely dedicated to enhancing the overall aesthetic of campus marketing and we know nothing does this better than a well designed piece of media.


Our strategy team has an intimate understanding of our audience because they are students themselves. They leverage that knowledge to cut through the clutter and create engaging projects that will be successful on campus.

Web Development

Creating useful media in the digital age means building engaging spaces for that media to live. Our development team has experience in both front-end web development, like responsive microsites and Wordpress themes, and back-end tools.

Social Media

Pushing content out on social media is an art, not a science. Our team of highly trained Millennials has a vast amount of experience with social campaigns and how to engage users over social networks.


Because storytelling is at the very core of each of our projects, our writing staff is an adaptive group that has the capability to shift voices and media depending on each client's needs. Scriptwriting, blogging, and reports make up the primary pieces of our writing products, but our team is always excited to try their hands at something new.

What we've done.

Why we do it.

Millennials will trash your email, unfollow your twitter, or ignore your print ad if it doesn’t interest them, so offering value while telling engaging stories is key to success. In the 2011-12 fiscal year, UO students contributed $273 million directly in the local economy.* We at The Venture Dept. have tasked ourselves with building the drawbridge to that castle of money.

The Venture Dept. is a team of creative students who are passionate about making work that matters. As a part of Emerald Media Group, our mission is to make college better through fun, engaging content that taps into exactly what it means to be a media-savvy student on our beautiful campus.

As an agency made up of millennials, our work inherently appeals to students. Making messaging that appeals to your audience on a personal level is our priority, and success happens when brands and people form relationships from common values. We value creativity, strategic thinking, beautiful design, and celebratory high-fives.

Let's make sure we have a little bit more of all of those in Eugene.

Who we are.

How you can get involved.

If you'd like to hire us, find out more about our work, or maybe even grab some coffee, we'd love to chat with you.

Now go out and make something meaningful.