Hi there, we're the Venture Dept. and we spark brands and businesses by telling stories. The collaborators in our office are artists, nerds, hipsters, and businessmen. This makes us experts at reaching the diverse university population and predicting trends on campus. Millennials will trash your email, unfollow your Twitter, or ignore your print ad if it doesn’t interest them, so offering value while telling engaging stories is key to successful advertising.

Video Production

With years of professional experience, our photo and video team is one of the most creative and efficient in Eugene. By shooting scripted narratives, event coverage, and headshots, the Venture Dept. has built up an unmatched tradition of visual storytelling.

Web Development

Creating useful media in the digital age means building engaging spaces for that media to live. Our development team has experience with responsive front-end web development and effective back-end tools. Our work is above the fold.

Social Media

In today’s world you’re plugged in or you’re a dinosaur. We emphasize the importance of maintaining a strong presence on social media for all of our clients. Our team will get you the exposure you need so satisfied customers can share your story for you.


Our strategy team has an intimate understanding of our audience because they are students themselves. They leverage that knowledge to cut through the clutter and create engaging projects that connect with those on campus.

Brand Development

We can help make your brand stand out from all the noise and connect with students on a personal level. Everything from logo design, rebranding, taglines, and all forward facing assets. We make brands better.

Digital Design

By adapting to match each client's specific need, our design team creates content in any medium, including print, web, video, and physical installations. We are fiercely dedicated to enhancing the overall aesthetic of campus marketing.